Weaponize Your Social Media To Generate More Leads & Sales For Your Business

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Learn How To Generate More Leads & Sales Through Weaponizing Your Social Media

(Even If You’ve Never Recorded A Video Before)


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We Made The Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List!

We are honored to be included in this prestigious list. Inc, the world’s most trusted business-media brand, has named us to its 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies list.

None of this would have been possible without YOU and our thriving community of member partners. We call our clients partners because this is a true partnership. Yes, we have proven marketing and strategies to generate leads, and we have amazing systems. And that’s what we’re known for. But the success story of our community is based on the partnerships that we have with YOU!

How To Attract Pre-Sold Buyers Using Social Media (Even If You’ve Never Recorded A Video Before)


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Content and Branding Strategy

This is the planning and consultation phase where we map out a powerful content strategy to reach your ideal customers. 

This content strategy defines: “Who is your ideal customer?” “What is the personality and tone behind your brand?”, and “What is the message and persona you want to convey to your target audience?”

You’ll also tell us your preferences for editing styles, colors, and tonality that align with your personal brand.

Next up, we’ll discuss your “home studio” to optimize your angles, background, and lighting.

Then we’ll get your login links to your social media accounts +2FA / access via Meta Business Manager, so that our team can schedule and post content on your behalf!


Script And Video Support

This is where we combine your personal brand and content strategy with results-driven market research, so we can address your ideal customer’s pain points, sell them on the benefits that they WANT while also giving them the valuable info that they NEED.

Our research team takes the content strategy from Step 1 and analyzes your ideal customer’s online behavior to identify the top questions and pain points on their mind.

Based on that research, our copywriting team creates ready-to-be-shot scripts that are optimized for social media.

After writing and compiling your scripts, we will send them to you for filming!


Video Editing

We help coach you on the fastest, easiest and most effective strategies for filming videos.

You shoot the video scripts using a teleprompter.

You upload the raw videos to a Google Drive that we provide for you.


Social Media Posting

Our creative team will edit all videos following our proven framework and your personal brand style.

We enhance video quality through color correction, audio refinement, and seamless transitions for a polished look.

Captivate your audience with eye-catching visual effects that add excitement and hold viewer attention

Trimmed and arranged for seamless flow, keeping viewers engaged from start to finish

Custom graphics, animations, and text overlays reinforce your brand and message effectively


Track Performance Analytics

Complete Done-For-You Tracking & Analytics:

Our team will handle data setup and analysis to lay the groundwork for long-term performance tracking. 

We track and analyze your posts’ performance to continuously enhance and optimize growth.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I could never express how much time it’s given me back to just have to shoot the videos and be done with it having Authority Brand handle the rest!

Erin Pearce

Erin Pearce

Mortgage Loan Officer

Preston and McBilly has an amazing system that allows me to tell them what I do and it’s all done for you so I can focus on running my practice!

Dr Jerry Yoo, DPT

Dr Jerry Yoo, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

AB’s knowledge and attention to detail is a game changer! McBilly opened my eyes to get a clear message to the people who we want to impact!

Mike Milligan, CFP

Mike Milligan, CFP

Financial Advisor

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