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Are you considering adding a video to your marketing strategy but feeling overwhelmed by the numerous options available? With so many video production companies promising exceptional outcomes and stunning visuals, it can be challenging to determine which service provider fits you. However, not all video services are created equal, and partnering with the wrong provider could result in subpar videos that don’t offer a good return on investment. This guide outlines what you should look for when assessing video production companies so that you can find an ideal match that caters to your brand. Keep reading to discover insider tips for selecting a video partner as unique as your business.

Key Takeaways

  • Outline target audiences, planned video types, and marketing goals before contacting studios to enable purpose-driven ideation.
  • Research company portfolios and client reviews thoroughly to confirm reputable expertise for envisioned projects.
  • Convey video concepts, workflows, and technical needs when discussing plans with agencies.
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Defining Your Video Marketing Strategy

Before contacting any providers, outline potential video concepts aligned to business goals like:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost website traffic
  • Grow social media followers
  • Generate more sales inquiries
  • Educate customers
  • Promote new products

Next, pinpoint audience demographics and platforms you want to focus your video marketing efforts, such as Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

Articulating intended outcomes and recipients helps video producers craft concepts specifically for their targets and objectives.

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Why Video Should Be a Marketing Priority

Let’s first examine why video should be an essential component of your 2024 strategy. Consider these statistics:

  • 90% of consumers say video helps guide purchasing decisions.
  • Video drives 157% more organic traffic from searches than text.
  • Viewers retain 95% more message information from video than text.
  • 500 million hours of video content will be watched daily in 2024, equal to 5 million years per month.

With increasing reliance on sight, sound, and motion in buying journeys, video is a must-have tool for meaningful customer connection and brand differentiation. An impactful video strategy requires working with specialists across creativity, production, and distribution. This is where choosing the right agency pays dividends.

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5 Key Factors for Choosing a Video Company

1. Style and Expertise

What video formats does the company specialize in? Commercials? Animated shorts? Talking heads? Identify preferred video types, then vet a company’s experience creating similar products.

Browse their portfolio for samples in desired genres, assessing overall quality. Credible agencies showcase first-rate work across multiple industries.

Ask to view examples similar to your envisioned project. Pay attention to branding, messaging, and technical prowess.

2. Spectrum of In-House Services

Full-service video production companies handle projects from concept to completion without subcontracting specialties like animators, editors, voiceover pros, or photographers. This consolidated approach enables greater collaboration and oversight.

Alternatively, boutique studios may excel in specific realms like animation or corporate testimonials if you only need niche offerings.

3. Tailored Pricing Models

Standard video production pricing breaks down by finished minute or project flat rates. Expect to invest $1,000 per finished minute for professional quality.

Some studios offer unlimited revisions or specialized packages around capabilities like filming regional commercials or editing existing footage.

Creative-as-a-service companies provide monthly retainer plans blending project consulting, content strategy, and à la carte video production services.

4. Standout Company Culture

Getting the right video content requires close coordination between the client and the producer. Make sure your communication styles sync well.

Look for values like accountability, transparency, and customer-centricity. What is their revision or feedback process?

Do they feature any raving client testimonials? Happy customers indicate a positive working relationship.

5. Technical Capabilities

Asset handling should include tight organizational systems for sharing raw footage, framing notes, and branding guides.

Request specifics on editing software, animation programs, cameras, and post-production toolsets used. This governs visual effects options, release formats, and editing possibilities.

They should handle video optimization best practices like codecs, metadata tags, captions, and compression for multi-channel distribution.

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Weighing Priority Elements

Not every factor may make or break a partnership if tradeoffs exist. For example, boutique animation studios offer narrower services but often have superior graphic design and illustration capabilities than full-service generalists.

Determine must-haves for your brand’s style and risk tolerance, then judge each contender accordingly.

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Common Types of Business Marketing Videos

Before calling potential video producers, know what content formats interest you most:

Explainer Videos

Use animated graphics or live footage to demonstrate abstract concepts or complex products in a simple, digestible way. Explainer videos help comprehension and buyer education.

Product Videos

Showcase tangible features, benefits, and applications for a good or service. Often hosted on e-commerce product pages and websites.


Show authentic customer endorsements discussing positive experiences with your brand. Cultivates trust and credibility.

Video FAQs

Have company leaders or actors rapidly address common customer questions, objections, and concerns via video clips.

Brand Videos

Convey company values, culture, and personality. Builds awareness and emotional connections with viewers.

Promotional Videos

Typically advertising or marketing focused. Targeted video ads are placed where ideal audiences congregate online.

Training Videos

Onboard employees quicker and refresh their knowledge by illustrating processes step-by-step instead of using dense manuals.

Webinars or Speeches

Record and repurpose educational seminar content for lead nurturing.

Crafting Authentic Experiences with the Right Agency Partner

Video marketing is not just an ordinary tool. It’s a superpower that can ignite emotions and communicate brand messages through captivating visuals, mesmerizing sounds, and breathtaking motion. In today’s world, where countless video advertising options are available, connecting with a skilled agency with a modern approach to video production is the key to achieving your vision. Choosing your partner wisely and carefully is crucial so that your video aspirations can be transformed into an authentic and unforgettable experience for your viewers. Remember, a great video doesn’t just sell a product or service; it tells a story that resonates with your audience long after watching it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does professional video production cost?

A: Costs vary greatly based on video type, length, style, and production values. Here are typical investment ranges:

  • 60-90 Second Explainer: $2,000-$5,000
  • 3-5 Minute Product/Brand Video: $5,000-$15,000
  • 30-60 Second Commercial: $10,000-$30,000

Q: What is the best style video for social media?

A: Platforms like TikTok and Instagram favor quick, visually captivating footage under 60 seconds. Show behind-the-scenes clips or talent easily. YouTube better accommodates educational videos up to 20 minutes for searchability.

Q: What types of videos perform best for conversions?

A: Story-driven testimonials, video FAQs, and product demos typically persuade visitors in the consideration or decision phase. They ease fears, answer questions, and demonstrate solutions up close.

Q: Can I handle video production in-house?

A: For straightforward videos. But professional lighting, high-resolution cameras, editing suites, and skill building have costly upfront investments. Outsourcing gives affordable access to an entire team’s expertise backed with technical capabilities most lack internally.

Q: Which should I prioritize: video quality or quantity?

A: Quality over quantity, always. Well-polished videos with compelling stories and clear messaging always captivate viewers more than raw, amateurish clips in bulk. As skills grow, then scale video variety.

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