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Bringing the Authority Brand vision to life and helping business owners all across the nation wouldn’t be possible without our global team of rockstars. From the sales department, this Staff Spotlight goes to…

*drum roll please*

Devin Palmer – Enrollment Manager

Staff Spotlight: Meet Devin


Favorite Food: Fish Tacos

Favorite Movie: Friday

As the Enrollment Manager of the US team, Devin works his magic to ensure the enrollment process is as smooth as possible for our team and members. Devin has helped us grow our Sales team and continues to demonstrate impeccable leadership skills. The team has broken several records under his wing, and we couldn’t be prouder to have him on the team.

A fun fact about Devin is that he and Preston have known each other since before the Authority Brand days. Once upon a time, they used to work at Guitar Center together.

What Sets Authority Brand apart?

Devin continues to help us improve our systems and processes every day. According to Devin, this is what sets AB apart from others in the industry:

“Working with Authority Brand has allowed me to grow mentally and improve areas of my life that I neglected in my other careers. My management team shows true care in not only my work life but also supports a healthy work-life balance. The respect I receive from the other members of this team fuels me to put more into my work than I ever cared to in my past career. It’s also been a great experience to help grow the Enrollment team we have here and watch my team reach new heights both mentally and monetarily in their careers.”

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