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Bringing the Authority Brand vision to life and helping business owners all across the nation wouldn’t be possible without our global team of rockstars. From the creative department, this Staff Spotlight goes to…

*drum roll please*

Regine Guevara – Creative Manager

Staff Spotlight: Meet Regine

Favorite Food: Crepes & Hotpot

Favorite Movie: Julie & Julia

Regine is married to Archie, another Creative Manager on our Philippines team. These two make a couple that’s a creative powerhouse. They are constantly keeping the team engaged with hands-on training and development (and pizza too)!

A fun fact about Regine is that she is a cat lover and gamer.

What Sets Authority Brand apart?

In June of 2023, Regine accepted her promotion as Creative Manager. It’s been a delight watching her continue to grow in her leadership, and we can’t wait to see where the next five years take her. According to Regine, this is what sets AB apart from others in the industry:

The culture and how they encourage you to express yourself in a creative manner are the aspects that stand out to me. McBilly and Preston, our leaders, are always open to listening to our ideas. Personally, this is very important to me as it enables me to feel fulfilled in my day-to-day work. Their willingness to consider and value our input fosters an environment of collaboration and innovation.

Ready to Transform Your Authority Brand?

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